Organizational Change and Development

WorkLab approaches organizations with an appreciation of the increasingly complex and turbulent operating environments that challenge today’s leadership. In working simultaneously toward quality improvement, cost reduction, and deepened levels of employee involvement, we take a systems approach to organizational change. We view formal structures and the delegation of authority to individuals as critical tools for carrying out the primary tasks of the organization. Our work in assisting organizations to clarify their missions and tasks, to implement new structures and procedures, and to develop effective operating methods includes:

  • Strategy Implementation
  • Organizational Assessment
  • Organizational Redesign
  • Executive Transition
  • Work Redesign
  • Senior Team Development

Management and Leadership Development

Our work in this area rests on the recognition that Management and Leadership Development must be aimed at supporting the organization’s strategic direction while providing opportunities for individual growth and development. Our work is geared toward helping executives and professionals understand both the explicit as well as the unstated, and often irrational, forces affecting their roles. We offer a variety of services to both individuals and groups, including:

  • Role consultation and analysis
  • Custom designed management training programs
  • Planning, design and delivery of conferences and retreats

Applied Research

The increasing complexity and rate of social change call for a deep and penetrating understanding of emergent issues facing organizations. WorkLab offers social and behavioral research capabilities, including fostering our clients’ abilities to utilize research findings in practical ways. Our applied research services include:

  • In-depth user-perspective studies
  • Internal climate and attitude surveys
  • Targeted organizational experiments
  • Customer satisfaction surveys